Armaxro medicals is a medical tourism company, founded by professionals with long experience in the health industry.

The core of our associates is made up of internationally distinguished health professionals who stand out for their excellent scientific training and professionalism, as well as certified care facilities of the highest caliber.

Armaxro medicals is a leading provider of corporate medical travel administration services. We have pioneered successful programs that allow individuals or groups to seamlessly offer their members the choice of traveling to centers of excellence for certain types of medical treatment.

Using our services and packages participants have consistently reported excellent outcomes with very high levels of satisfaction with our programs, often rivaling or exceeding patient satisfaction indices reported by leading European hospitals.

Our team is ready to work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the necessary guidance that will help you take advantage of the exceptional care options available in our network of super-specialty hospitals.

At Armaxro, we strive to make each client’s experience a memorable and successful one .

What We Do

The company is mainly but not exclusively involved in the management and support of patients who opt for any kind of medical services provided away from their country of residence.

This includes consulting services, provision of information to patients and their families concerning the available medical services, health professionals and care facilities regarding their health issues.

Our company provides consulting services for a fee.

Should patients decide to engage our company for a health service, they will be given the opportunity to plan the trip required to receive the health services selected.

Subsequently, the company supports patients during their treatment through daily transport from their place of residence to the treatment location and vice versa, and, where this is deemed necessary, allowing for an escort and interpreter to be present.

Upon conclusion of the treatment and the patient’s return to the place of permanent residence, our Staffs notify the attending physician of the patient’s follow-up post-treatment check-up, thus enabling open and continuous communication between the stakeholders.